Apply Nicasil coating
Price (incl. VAT)
Cylinder up to 85 cc
€ 254.-
Cylinder up to 150 cc
€ 275.-
Cylinder up to 250 cc
€ 295.-
Cylinder capacity up to 450 cc (up to bore 98mm)
€ 323.-
Cylinder capacity from 450 cc
€ 353.-
€ 445.-

These prices are excluding transport costs.

Update 22-4-2022

Dear Sir / Madam,

We would like to inform you that due to the sharp increase in raw materials and energy prices as of May 1, we have to charge a temporary surcharge for the treatment of the cylinders that have to be provided with a new Nikasil layer.

We see no other option than to have to pass on part of it.

As of May 1, every cylinder treated with Nikasil will be subject to a surcharge of €5.

We hope for a speedy recovery of these enormous costs and burdens so that we can quickly lift this surcharge.

There is no increase for the other treatments and components.

We thank you for your understanding.

Other activities:

Welding, drilling, finishing
€ 110.-
Welding touch-up
€ 62.-
Lip Welding
€ 50.-
Drilling cylinder
€ 50.-
Cylinder flattening head/base
€ 50.-
Cylinder honing
€ 50.-
Dechroming cylinder
€ 74.-
Mounting a steel bushing
€ 123.-
Disassemble cylinder
€ 24.-
Grinding back bars
€ 23.-

Please deliver the cylinder cleaned and disassembled (free of brass and steel parts).

Delivery time: 1 - 2 weeks

Payment condition: prepayment, unless otherwise agreed.

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